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DreamDoer Society

DreamDoer Society

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This amazing entrepreneurs’ Society gives you one less thing to worry about when it comes to building your business. I will equip you to actually start doing and building your business versus just dreaming about it. Do this munus the (confusion, stress, overwhelm, burn out etc., ) plus WITHOUT wasting more hours to your already jam-packed schedule. 

You cannot loose in DreamDoer Society!

During this time period you will have a clear brand message and we will create a profitable marketing strategy. You’ll enjoy a loyal following of buyers who flock to the brilliant offers that you present them. You are bound to have an unwavering confidence when going live and selling products as well as a exponential growth in your bank account as these bands come in. This is a 6 month commitment, billed in a one time payment. Split payment option available upon request.

•Build in & with an exclusive network of like minded individuals

•Have weekly set aside time with me to ask all of your business questions

•Dope & safe atmosphere to learn & brainstorm

•Goal setting & accountability 

•Gain confidence in being yourself and marketing like a ‘G’

•Monthly business expert guests(attorneys, high earning boutique owners, bankers, influencers etc.

•Opportunity to pitch your business 

•Exclusive discounts & perks for members

•Income potential. Referral fee for referring others

By the end of each month we will have accomplished a new goal to ensure that by the end of this time you are a consistent income generating BEAST!

You cannot loose with DreamDoer Society! 

Let’s GO!